Do More Than Just Vote in this Election!

a letter from Jon Barbieri: 
Greetings from Colorado,

I thought it could be helpful to give you a little background. Over the past several years I have given Open House talks at five Shambhala Centers, some of them multiple times. First on Gun Control and then on the Buddhist/Shambhala approach to politics.Up until recently, the focus was on the importance of participating in societal issues from a Buddhist and Shambhala point of view; with fundamental non-aggression, holding equanimity, and being open to all. Now, in addition to that view, I am including the Vidyadhara’s views on being a student of politics and my personal view that it is essential that people do more than just vote in the upcoming election.

I do feel this is an extraordinary time. We could impact the conditions in this country for many years by replacing fear and divisiveness with caring and connectedness.

My aspiration is that people will want to explore the ways to be engaged and some may wish to be part of a group taking action steps going forward.

I am hoping that this gathering could attract a wide spectrum of people including young people.

In the vision of the Great Eastern Sun,


The Buddhist and Shambhala Path
An approach to the Art of Politics
On Zoom with Jon Barbieri
Saturday, September 5th, 3-5:00 PM EDT
Info / Register:
Questions: Contact Charlotte Bernard (m[email protected]).

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