Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human – Saturday and Sunday April 22 & 23

Shambhala Training Level I, The Art of Being Human was attended by 17 participants along with Shastri Jackie Muse the Director; Linda Greenup and Keith Muse the Assistant Directors; Norm Bray the Coordinator; Deb Molitz, Kimberly Brewster, Leslie Rosenberg, Matthew Parkinson, and Richard Lamos the staff. Your participation is appreciated and made Level I possible … Continue 

A New Year’s Statement from the Kalapa Council

The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything. We can never say that we are simply falling to pieces or that anyone else is, and we can never say that about the world either. Within our lifetime there will be great problems in the … Continue 

Imagining Peace

  You may click the post title or the picture to watch the video. As a contributing participant in a Chicago conference on meditation and the reduction of violence, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche touches on discussion points from his latest book, THE SHAMBHALA PRINCIPLE.

Yantra Yoga with Naomi Zeitz

Yantra Yoga is a unique series of positions and movements, combined with conscious breathing which coordinates and harmonizes one’s personal energy.  The Shambhala Center is providing the facilities to this program, and is not otherwise affiliated with Yantra Yoga. To read more about the Yantra Yoga program please click on the Programs and Events tab … Continue 

What do you want others to know?

The Center’s News Blog is available for comments from the community. If there is something you would like to post here, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Public Talk Friday July 22

On Friday evening July 22 at 7:00 pm, Shastri* Brett Ferrigan will host a discussion on “Creating Enlightened Society” based on the acknowledgement of our fundamental qualities of being human–that we all share the capacity for compassion and tenderness–as well as the obstacles of fear and selfishness. This talk is open to everyone. $10 suggested … Continue 

Be a Greeter at the Center

Would you like to help make our environment feel comfortable and relaxing to others? Do you want to volunteer at the center? We have openings for Greeters. Please contact Crystal at [email protected] to set up a time to train.


The first phase of the renovations are completed.  Please stop in and check out our Center.

Recent news

Several groups are now using the Shambhala Center for their weekly gatherings – on Tuesday evenings the Refuge Recovery group meets. On Saturday afternoons, Sean McCann is teaching TaiChi. The Center offers the use of its beautiful facilities for rental. For more information please call 828.200.5120

Our new location is in Reynolds Village

We are at our new location in Reynolds Village! The address is 60 North Merrimon Ave, #113. Note: the address is North Merrimon Ave, not Merrimon Ave.  The 60 stands for the building number and #113 is the Suite number. This location was previously occupied so there are already interior walls and flooring. We begin … Continue