Shambhala Educators Gathering

with Shastri Jackie Muse & Shastri Sue Gilman

February 2nd—February 3rd

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  • $50 Patron Price
  • $25 Program Price
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A gathering of the Asheville Shambhala Educators with Shastri Jackie Muse and Shastri Sue Gilman.

Shambhala Educators are welcome for all events. The gathering on Saturday will conclude with a group lunch at the Center. Shambhala Educators include Shambhala Guides, Meditation Instructors, and Teachers.

We will be working with two books by the Sakyong, Jampal Trinley Dradul: Shambhala Meditation, Proclaiming Basic Goodness (the book for Guides and MI's), and the Treatise On Enlightened Society. We have been asked to review these books before, and to bring them, to our gatherings.

The program price is $25. The Patron price is $50; the generosity policy applies. A Heart Gift will be collected for the Shastris in lieu of a honorarium. Baskets for program fees and Heart Offering will be available Friday night at the Center. Please bring cash or checks!