Harvest of Peace

September 23rd (2018)

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    The Harvest of Peace is a special Shambhala Community celebration of the Fall Equinox - harvesting in the northern hemisphere and planting in the southern. This time is connected with the energy of nourishing, supporting and enriching. It is a time to contemplate what nourishes us personally and as a community. Balancing home, work, social and spiritual lives can be very demanding, so we can take some time to examine and re-seed our relationship with generosity and abundance which strengthen and sustains us throughout the year.
     Everyone in the community is warmly invited to our annual Harvest of Peace celebration.
     Our celebration will include:

    10:00 AM     Community Meditation Practice  - Shambhala Sadhana
    11:00 AM     Lhasang - smoke offering ceremony
    11:30 AM     Community Meeting
    12:00 PM      Potluck lunch - drinks provided by the center*
    1:00 PM        Time for Socializing

    *Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert to share.  We are having a theme of sharing pies.