Change & The Power of Choice

with Josephine Spilka

March 2nd

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     Change by choice gives us power and agency in our lives.

    The reality of change and impermanence, the facts of birth, old age, sickness and death, caused the Buddha to take up his vigil under the Bodhi tree over two thousand years ago. His fundamental realization was that you cannot and do not control what happens to you, yet you can still choose how you respond to the circumstances of your life.

    During this day together, you will investigate change through the lens of Buddhist meditation practice. You will contemplate change from every angle, from the very personal to the global, bringing together your experience of both yourself and your world. Enlivening your contemplations will be a presentation on the relationship with your environment, your body and your essence from the perspective of Chinese medicine, a view that builds insight and dimension for your practice.

    Examining the nature of change, you will increase and renew your capacity for vitality, suppleness, presence and joy. You will leave this day of practice and discussion with practical tools, new understanding and the opportunity to find new choices in every area of your life.


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    Offered by Josephine Spilka - Josephine has been a disciple of this body for over 55 years and a meditation instructor for over 25. She has had the good fortune to train and study with many renowned teachers in the Buddhist tradition including Pema Chodron and Ken McLeod. Having practiced Chinese medicine for over 20 years, Josephine brings a deep well of experience and knowledge to offer teachings from both these noble oral traditions, teachings that are both current and profound. Josephine takes great delight in teaching, sharing experience and guiding others on the path.