Learn to Meditate

with Norman Bray

September 7th—May 2nd

This class highlights the Shambhala community core practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation and includes a gift of the book ''Turning the Mind Into An Ally'' Continue »

"What is Real? The Basic Goodness of Reality"

January 6th—February 10th

The third and final course of the series asks the question, “What is real?” and explores a number of views from the Shambhala Buddhist tradition with an emphasis on exploring the sacredness of nature and its elements. Continue »

Shambhala Day-Year of the Iron Mouse

March 1st

SHAMBHALA DAY marks the beginning of the New Year, and represents one of the most important traditions of Shambhala Buddhism. Continue »

Welcoming the Unwelcomed- A book study

with Charlotte Bernard

March 2nd—April 6th

In her first new book of spiritual teachings in over seven years, Pema Chödrön offers fresh wisdom, heartfelt reflections, and the signature humor and insight that have made her a beloved guide during turbulent times. Continue »

Shambhala Level IV: Awakened Heart

with Josephine Spilka & Alan Tilson

November 15th—November 17th

Awakened Heart is about allowing your heart and intuition to open so that you can communicate fully with the world. Continue »