The Awakened Householder: Vision, Practice, and Enlightened Society

with Shastri Will Ryken & Paula Bickford

April 5th—April 6th

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  • $150 Patron Price
  • $125 Program Price
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Shambhala Household practice provides a guide for bringing Shambhala principles into our homes and establishing household as a practice, rather than a concept. On this path, first we look inward and appreciate the resources that we already possess. We have our five senses, our creativity and our intrinsic potential for generosity. Creating a Shambhala household can be an enriching and sane experience that we establish for ourselves, our families and those people who we invite into our homes.

 We will work with our environment and create Household together. We will gather materials from local sources, arrange them elegantly, cook our meals together and then enjoy serving each other the fruits of our activity. 

Note:This program is open to everyone.  There will be a Lung offered to those that have completed the Rigden weekend retreat and would like to receive the text ($45) that needs to be ordered so please let us know.  The price for members is $90.